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$8.95 regular dial-up access, $12.95 high speed dial-up access. ~ More Info

Internet Provider Directory

ISP information to find Internet access provider like Cable, Broadband, Wireless, High Speed Dialup, VoIP and others. ~ More Info

World Secure Channel

Offers subscriber VPN solutions providing anblocked internet access. ~ More Info

Sina Corp.

Internet media company for Chinese communities worldwide, offering a full array of Chinese-language news, entertainment, financial information, and lifestyle tips (Nasdaq: SINA). ~ More Info

VIA Net Works Inc.

Offers a range of bundled and stand-alone Internet access and value-added products and services in Europe and the United States. ~ More Info

Inter.Net Global

International access provider offering dial-up and DSL services in 12 countries. ~ More Info


Provider of Internet infrastructure and network services. ~ More Info


UK based provider offering dial-up service with local access numbers across the globe. ~ More Info

Beyond Web

Dial-up services in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany. Based in Twinsburg, Ohio. ~ More Info

Armed Forces Internet

Offering fast access, designed for United States military personnel and their families. ~ More Info