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Varicose Veins Tampa

All of our physicians are certified by the American Board of Phlebology. Our ultrasound lab is accredited by the intersocietal commission of vascular laboratories. Our technicians are registered vascular technicians. The qualifications and credentials of our physicians and staff exceed that of other vein centers.

www.myfloridave.../varicose-veins ~ More Info

COPD Therapy

Symbicort touch points offering information about COPD ICS/LABA therapy. ~ More Info

Hormone-Responsive Breast Cancer

Review clinical data on the effectiveness of hormone-receptor breast cancer medicine. ~ More Info

Understanding Atherosclerosis

Learn about atherosclerosis, the progressive buildup of plaque in arteries and health factors such as high cholesterol. ~ More Info

Get Smart about Atherosclerosis

Learn about atherosclerosis and its connection with high cholesterol. ~ More Info

Cancer Help UK

Cancer help is a free information service about cancer and cancer care brought to you by Cancer Research UK. ~ More Info